Who We Are

Executive Board

The Outagamie County Master Gardener Executive Board meets at 5:30 p.m.on the first Thursday of each month at the UW-Extension, 3365 W. Brewster, Appleton. The board meets to consider input from members and to finalize the agenda for the general meeting. For more information, contact Steve Schultz via email at gardenmasterguy@aol.com or call the UW-Extension at 920-832-5119.

Steve Schultz    President (through 2017)
Marilyn Davis Vice President (through 2018)
Cathy Scott Treasurer (through 2017)
Jaime Potopinski Executive Secretary (through 2018)
Don Brill State Representative (through 2017)
Jaci Micke Member at Large (through 2017)
Lori Mendels Member at Large (through 2017)
Bernie Bos Member at Large (through 2018)
Mary Learman Education Chair
Colleen Reed / Vicki Schilleman Communications Co-Chairs
Marilyn Davis / Lori Mendels / Jaci Micke Fundraising Co-Chairs
Karen Peckham Sanctioned Project Coordinator
Marilyn Davis Long Range Planning Chair
Sue Mings Grants & Scholarships Chair
Anne Anderson Membership Chair
Theresa Granados Member Recording Secretary

UW-Extension Staff

Kevin Jarek, Advisor                           UWEX Crops, Soils, & Horticultural Agent

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans and implements the training programs for the Master Gardener program, working within the State and National guidelines. This Committee takes responsibility for planning the curriculum, recruiting instructors and speakers, and working with each new class of Master Gardener students. Additional tasks include the planning of workshops and seminars, acquisition of speakers for meetings and conferences, and responsibility for the resource library at the UW-Ext.

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee holds responsibility for the quarterly newsletter, the OCMGA website, the OCMGA Facebook page, the OCMGA blog, all mass e-mails to members, and emails to non-members about various events and fundraisers throughout our calendar year.

Fundraising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee holds responsibility for organizing fundraising events, including the ordering of product, recruitment of volunteers, procurement of supplies, and interaction with both the Communication and Education Committees to ensure resounding success.

Project Sanctioning Committee

Certified Master Gardeners earn service hours each year by working on projects that have been sanctioned, or approved, on the basis of the benefit that it will bring to the community. The Project Sanctioning Committee receives requests for new project sanctions, and follows up on the progress of those projects that have been approved.

Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee serves as an advisor to the board to ensure the vision of the organization remains relevant, and to ensure that goals are met and/or recalibrated as needed.

Grants and Scholarships Committee

Application for grants and/or scholarships mays be submitted to OCMGA for horticultural/educational projects. The committee is responsible for the application process, criteria for the awards, and making recommendations to the board for awarding recipients.

Membership Committee

Strong member involvement is critical to the long-term success of any volunteer organization. The committee will work with new and existing members to ensure a strong body of volunteers.