Plant Sale & Garden Expo

Shop the annual Outagamie Cty Master Gardener Assoc. Plant Sale & Garden Expo. You will find a variety of plants including; perennials, annuals, vegetables, and herbs at reasonable prices.

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Our perennials expert, Kathy Baum, has done presentations at both the Appleton and Little Chute libraries to introduce those plants that we are showcasing at our sale this year. She has generously provided a copy of her presentation below so you can do some pre-sale research.

Note: Every year, we order huge quantities of those plants that are proven to thrive in our area, as well as new and exciting ones. Unfortunately, we rarely receive everything we order from the nurseries, or we receive fewer plants than requested. With that in mind, then, please understand that the plants you want may not be available. We ask your forgiveness in advance and offer assurance that you will find a huge variety of wonderful garden choices.

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